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英語勵志句子 夢想經不起等待

英語勵志句子 夢想經不起等待

1. There is an old Spanish Proverb which states,"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week". How many times havewe put off our dreams until tomorrow? I’d say, way toomany. Our dreams should not, and cannot wait. We have to go for them now! 

有句古老的西班牙諺語:明天常常是一周中最忙碌的一天。有多少次我們曾把夢想託付給明天?要我說, 太多次。夢想不應等待,也經不起等待。我們必須馬上行動。

2. Tomorrow is not promised 明天不一定到來

Nobody likes to talk about death, but the reality is – everybody is going to die at one point. None of us know the day, orthe hour. Therefore, today is all we have. Don’t go to your gravewith unfulfilled dreams. Make the decision to go after every dream, big orsmall right now. 沒人願意談論死亡,但現實是——死亡必然到來。哪一天或哪一刻沒人能說得清。所以,我們真正擁有的是今天。不要因未實現夢想抱憾而終。夢想,或偉大或平凡,不論怎樣,從即刻起,作出追逐每個夢想的決定。 3. The world is waiting on your gift 世界需要你

I know this may be hard to believe, but the world iswaiting on YOU! Yes, YOU! You were born into the world with a unique gift,which nobody on this earth can duplicate. Sure, other people may be able tosing. But they’ll never be able to sing exactly likeyou. Sure other people can write, but they’ll never beable to write from the same perspective in which you write. Don’t deprive the world of your gift. It’s theoxygen that we need to survive. Thus, it is your responsibility to figure outexactly what your gift is, and use to better your life and the lives of thosearound you. 我知道,可能你不相信,但是世界的確需要你!是的,就是你!你在這個世界上獨一無二,地球上無人可以替代。當然,有的人可能歌唱得好,但是,他們的風格卻總是有別於你的。有的人擅長寫作,但是他們卻永遠不能站在你的視角來描述事物。不要對世界吝惜你的天賦。它是我們生存需要的氧氣。因此,發掘並利用自己的天賦, 承擔起改善自己和他人生活的責任。 4. Unless you take the first step, your dreams willnever come true 如果跨不出第一步,夢想將終歸是夢想

You can dream about writing the great American play allyou want, but it’s never going to happen unless youactually put pen to paper. You can dream about finding a cure for cancer, butit will never happen unless you actually go to school to become equipped withthe necessary tools to find that cure. In other words, dreams don’t work unless you do. They require you to get your head out of theclouds, and actually do the work to make them happen. Get to it! 寫出一部偉大的美劇是你的最大夢想,但是,如果不拿起筆,這部偉大的美劇將永遠不會問世。你夢想找到治癒癌症的良方,但是,如果你不學習,不用發現良方所需的工具和手段來武裝自己,那僅是紙上談兵。換句話說,除非身體力行,否則夢想終歸是夢想。實現夢想要求你別再做白日夢,而是朝著夢想努力。所以,馬上行動吧! 5. You can’tlet fear win 不能輸給恐懼

One of the biggest dream killers is fear. There are somany people who could have achieved amazing things if only they weren’t afraid. Just think about all the things you’ve wanted to do, but allowed fear to convince you that you weren’t capable, or good enough. In the movie After Earth, Will Smith’s character says, "Fear is not real. It is a product ofthoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear isa choice." Choose not to let fear stop you from achieving your dreams. 恐懼是夢想最可怕的殺手。要是能夠克服恐懼,很多人能夠成就大事。想想那些你一直想做,但被不具備能力、或者不夠好的擔心懾服而放棄的事情。在電影《重返地球》中,威爾·史密斯飾演的角色說:“恐懼並不真實存在, 僅是思想的產物。別誤會。危險真實存在,但是恐懼是一種選擇。”選擇不要讓恐懼成為你實現夢想的障礙。 6. Possibilities you never knew existed are waiting onyou 不做,你永遠不知道機會在等你

There are so many amazing opportunities and peoplewaiting on you. Films festivals, panels, boards, the top people in your field,all these things are waiting on you! How do you get to them? Simple. Followyour dream. Doors that you couldn’t imagine open upwhen you go after what you want. You’ll never see thosedoors if you sit around waiting on a dream to happen, instead of actuallyworking to make it happen. 有太多大好的機會,有太多人對你拭目以待。電影節、事務委員會、董事會、你領域的精英團體,所有這些都在恭候你的光臨!你怎能與它們親密接觸?簡單得很,隨夢而行。追逐夢想時,那些你無法想像的大門為你敞開。如果坐等夢想實現,而不是通過努力去實現夢想,你將永遠看不到那些門。 7. You’llbe much happier if you go for it 追逐夢想讓你更快樂 Imagine how much happier you’llbe if you’re living the life you always dreamed about.The only thing that is stopping you, is you. Take control of your ownhappiness. Don’t keep your dreams waiting. Go afterthem today! 想像一下,如果你過著夢想的生活,你會多麼快樂。阻止你追逐夢想的只有你自己。把握自己的幸福,不要讓夢想等待。從今天開始,就朝著夢想進發吧!

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